Plastic Tank Lids

Plastic Tank Lids

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We are offering a wide assortment of these Plastic Tank Lids in a spectrum of shapes, colors, designs and styles. Our lids are specially used by people for covering tanks of chemicals, water and other free-flowing products. These lids are suitable to close or pack food items such as grains, pulses and sugar to avoid the ingress of contaminants and moisture. Our professionals manufacture these lids with the use of non-toxic plastic and advanced extrusion methods. Fine threading and accurate dimensions of these lids allow ease of usage and removal. The provided Plastic Tank Lids are highly durable, safe to use and made from recyclable material.

Plastic Tank Lids recorded beneath are anything but difficult to introduce with negligible exertion. Tops with male strings accompany a neckline that they screw into. These are basically all inclusive with generally tanks. Typically it's a matter of various screws going into the neckline to secure it to the tank and your cover with string directly into the right spot. We likewise offer small Plastic Tank Lids that string onto the male part of customers’ tank. These are more particular as there isn't a neckline you can simply swap out.

Key Features:

  • Covers are infusion formed
  • Polypropylene is exceptionally sturdy
  • Safe for drinking water
  • Concoction safe in storage usages